Top 100: #48 Doctor Panic

When we have a group of people and want to have a silly time is when we break out our #48 - Doctor Panic! Everyone is simulating being a doctor in some very abstracted procedures. You need to get all of the jobs done within the time frame to save the patient. There will be a lot of interruptions and difficult tasks but it is always a hectic mess as you try to work together to make it work!


There are lots of different tasks for each group to complete in this cooperative game. One has you mimicking stitching with a board with holes in it. Another is collecting the instruments you will need by using different ways of grabbing them and giving them to the team leader. Some of the other tasks are injections, MRIs, x-rays, pill dosages, and placing heart monitors. Most of these are different each time you play because they are based on the character you are trying to treat that game. And even then the cards that are not patient based have a tall stack of cards so you aren’t likely to get repeats for a lot of different plays.

But if those tasks under a time constraint doesn’t already sound like a ton of fun there are some amusing interruptions that happen during the game. Sometimes there are heart issues and you need to charge the paddles and give them a shock to bring them back so you can continue treatment. In order to do that you need to grab the charge cards to make the required number and say clear - all while another player is doing compressions on a heart shaped whoopee cushion!

On top of all those things occasionally management will call and interrupt you further and make you do silly things to mimic something in theme. Sometimes you need to mime putting on latex gloves. Others will you need to sing happy birthday to another player because supposedly it is his birthday in the game. Hopefully if I am on an operating table the doctors won’t take a pause for that reason! All of these issues are brought through the app integration if you are using that or from a deck of interruption cards if not.

Probably the silliest game on our list Doctor Panic is unique in the kind of game it is on the Top 100. Because of how strange and hectic it is we don’t break this one out to play very often. But when we do we have a blast so it snuck its way onto the list. Likely the last silly game on the list but still a hectic crazy game that you should give a try at your next large gathering!