Top 100: #47 Coloretto (& Zooleretto)

Not every game needs to have tons of pieces, miniatures, or dice to make them great. Sometimes you just need a really great mechanic and a deck of cards. That slot is right where Coloretto slips in. It is extremely portable but you will have tons of hard choices to make as you play the game. At its heart Coloretto is a set collection game. From all of the colors of the game you will score your three best positively but the rest negatively so you want to focus on a few colors and try desperately to not get the others.


While you are trying to get those color sets during the game your opponents are definitely going to make sure you get some colors that you don’t want. Each round you are going to get a group of between one to three cards. If you can find three cards that match your desires that is a great round if you can manage to grab it before your opponents do.

On your turn you can either take a group of cards (there needs to be at least one card) or you can draw a card and add it to one of the stacks. This is how you will make a set great for you or horrible for an opponent. If your opponent is trying to collect brown and green and one of the stacks already has a brown and you draw a green - certainly don’t put those two together as that would be far too helpful.


Near the bottom of the deck there is a end game card that will signify the end of the game so you are never completely certain when the game will conclude. Throughout the game there are always lots of fun hard decisions to make. A group of cards might have two great cards for you; should you take this good set of cards or hope the third card will make it greater? It's those decisions that make us love this game.

If you want to try a simple but deep card game you should definitely give Coloretto a try. If you find yourself liking it or just want something a little more involved you might look for its bigger brother Zooloretto which uses the same choice mechanics as you build up a zoo. Both are deserving of being on this Top 100 so we are combining them a little to be #47!