Top 100: #49 Dimension

Finding this game on our Top 100 shouldn’t be surprising to people who have been lucky enough to join us at Platypus-Con! It has been a regular standard tournament we run because of how much we enjoy the game and the fact the player count is essentially limitless (assuming you have multiple sets of the game that is). It is also a deduction game which has been shown in the previous fifty games to be one of our favorite types of games.


In Dimension you are trying to build a tower of spheres that meet the rules of the six cards of the round. Sometimes the rules will contradict each other but you are trying to do the best that you can in the time you are allotted. You will be getting a point for every sphere in your structure but it can be occasionally more useful to not fully build up your structure to make it so you follow the rules.


Once the timer is over all of the players are judged individually for their structure getting the earlier mentioned one point per sphere in the structure. However, you also lose points if you break any of the rules. There is also a special bonus chip that you will want to try to get whenever possible as it is usually enough points to swing you towards victory if you get it more than your closest rival. You are able to get that chip if you use all of the colors and follow all of the rules. Quite often that is an impressive feat but it something you should always keep in mind!

If you need some player interaction in your games you might want to look at some of the other games on our Top 100 list as this one is just seeing which of the players can follow the rules to their best ability. We love trying to figure out how to build our structures though And think everyone should at least give this game a try. It has a really short play time so if it's not your jam you aren’t out that much time. This game will definitely stay on future version of this list as we think it is a classic which definitely needs to stay on the list!