Top 100: #78 Luna

Stefan Feld is one of the greatest designers in board games - known mostly for heavy thinky games that normally have a ton of ways to score points. It definitely fits the mold of a Feld game - although this is one of his lighter games. Although don’t think that Luna is not a thinky game, because even his lighter games have a lot of choices and decisions to make as you decide your strategy.


Similar to a lot of other heavier strategy games, doing the best in Luna is trying to pick the best options to maximize your points. In some games you can generally get everything you want to do done, but that is not true for Luna. The number of actions you get to take is directly linked to the number of novices you have. So you have to decide if you want to spend your limited actions to get more novices for future rounds, build shrines for end game points and bonuses, or try to put your novices into the temple to get points during the game.

Throughout the game you can also gain favor tokens from the different islands. These tokens can be super helpful as they give you bonuses to actions or let you take some actions that would normally take your novice out of commission without doing so. The other way to make you actions more powerful is to interact with islands with one of your shrines. Getting those constructed can take a large helping of your actions for a round though.


On top of all those considerations there are also three characters rotating around the islands that each have different effects. One of them gives you points if you have the most novices on her island, another penalizes you you if you are on his island at the end of the round, and lastly you have the builder which is the only island you can build a shrine on until he moves at the end of the round.

The tight choices of Luna are what makes the game really fun for me. While some games makes those difficult choices punishing, in Luna it is just about making the best choices. You never have to feed your workers like in some other games. So if you want to sit around a table with your friends and decide what action would be the best for you or hasten the end of the round to frighten your opponents then give Luna a try!