Top 100: #77 The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction

The last game we had was heavy with lots of thinking and hard choices. We’ve gone back to the other side of the spectrum with a quick card game. Even though there is a lot less things to keep track of in Manhattan Project Chain Reaction there are still lots of fun decisions to make with the cards you are dealt. The game is a race to have 10 Kilotons worth of bombs built before the other players.


In Chain Reaction all of the cards have multiple uses. They can be used for some workers or they can be used as buildings to produce resources for you. The fun decisions in the game come from figuring out how best to use the cards in your hands to create yellow cake, uranium, and bombs themselves!

Some of the buildings you will have in your hand are training institutions that will upgrade general workers into scientists or engineers! Those are the types of workers that you will need for the other types of buildings - factories. They will be the ones producing the yellow cake or the uranium you need in order to build (purchase) the bomb cards in the middle of the table. The bomb cards come in different values with cheaper bombs requiring less resources. So you have to decide if you want to save up for a powerful explosive or buy a few quick bombs to get up to 10 kilotons.

While there are choices to make with the cards in your hand, the game moves quite quickly so you can probably fit in multiple rounds if you find yourself enjoying the game. The game is a card version of a longer game called Manhattan Project. Chain Reaction takes out some of the elements that felt mean from the board game and definitely streamlines it. If you enjoy the theme of the game and want to try out a quick card game then Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction is a great choice!