Top 100: #79 The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Fantasy Flight has come out with a great many LCGs (Living Card Games), most of them with a well known license behind them. Most of them are great fun to play against your opponent, as we have already shown we have a strong bias towards cooperative games. One of our favorites from those LCGs is the Lord of the Rings Card Game. The appeal for LCG games over CCG (Collectible Card Games) is you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get certain cards. Everyone who buys certain sets of cards gets the exact same cards as everyone else. It is all about how you use the cards that makes the difference between players.


Depending on how deeply you dive into the game, it already has tons of expansions, there is tons of deck building options before you even sit down to play the game. For example, if you really like dwarves, you can build a deck led by Gimli with lots of cards the help dwarves be even more awesome. One of the favorite decks I’ve built to play with is themed around the great eagles with a giant flock of them ready to save the day as always!

One of the other things that impresses me about this card game is just how much they are able to build different scenarios with simple card play. Sometimes you need to rescue someone, or delve into Moria, or fend off a large enemy force. Using the different abilities of the evil cards they have been able to expertly contort simple card drawing into a more thematic feel.

in progress.jpg

Lord of the Rings the Card Game is mostly a solo or two player game, which can be a problem for larger groups, but if you are looking forward to building decks and then using them to attempt to defeat the sources of Sauron and the other evils of Middle Earth you should definitely give this game a try. Make sure not to jump in too deeply before you have given it a try though! As a living card game that has been running for years it is a very deep pool to dive into but that just means if you really like it as much as us you can probably never quite finish all of the different quests which is a great problem to have!