Top 100: #66 Celestia

Celestia might be the first push your luck game on the list which is another great style of game where it is all about whether or not you want to go for lots of small rewards or try to go big for a ton of points and possibly the win! In Celestia everyone is on board a little airship that is going further and further on its journey. Only one person at a time is the captain though - will they have the skill to pull off the adventure?


To begin the game all of the players are dealt a number of cards and a little chip showing their player color. Not only does that chip show their player card, but it shows which cards are more common than others to help players decide if it is too risky to continue. Those cards are going to be used to satisfy the difficulty of the journey when you are the captain of the ship.

When it is your turn to fly the ship you roll a number of dice shown on the next location. The dice have custom faces, some of them being blank and others having the symbols that are on the cards. With the roll concluded starting with the player to the captains left they decide if they are going to get off the ship and take a point card or if they think the captain can pay the price leading them towards better point cards.


Once all of the passengers have decided it is up to the captain to pay the price. If they can they have to (unless they have wilds, those aren’t mandatory to use) and the captains chair rotates to the next player to the left. However, if the captain doesn’t have the needed cards then the ship crashes and returns to the beginning meaning that anyone still on the ship doesn’t get any points.

There are little bits and pieces of this game that add a little bit more player interaction but in general the game is about figuring out the odds the captain has what they need to continue. Do they need two rare cards and only have 4 in their hand? That sounds pretty risky but they just might have it. You also need to remember if you are the first player to the left you will be captain next and they can’t bail out. So you need to consider if you are going to be able to survive your own roll! Lots of choices and big risks in our #66 game, Celestia.