Top 100: #65 Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters

Because of how deep we are into the hobby sometimes we buy games without an American release, fearing that they won’t get brought over to our markets. Kids games are definitely the most likely to have that fate so a few years ago we bought a copy of Geister Geister Schatzsuchmeister since it looked like a ton of fun. Since it is such a great game it did eventually see an American release - as Ghost Fightin’ Treasure hunters.


The title of the game sort of says it all, you are attempting to claim all of the treasures in the house without being overwhelmed by ghosts. You prevent becoming overwhelmed by shockingly, fighting ghosts! Because of the obvious connection this game even got a printing as a Ghostbusters themed game as well as its normal printing.

Each pawn can grab one treasure at a time and bring it out of the house that is haunted. To figure out how far you can move on your turn you will roll the die which has the values 1 - 6. The six is definitely the best roll because not only is it the most movement but it also doesn’t have the ghost haunting symbol. On any other roll you will draw a card from the deck of ghost cards that have various effects. Some place ghosts in play while other lock a specific set of doors making it more and more difficult to get through the house.

Fighting ghosts is something you do at the end of your turn if you are in a room with them. You roll the ghost fighting die hoping to get the color of ghost you are currently combating. There are the normal pale green ghosts that anyone can fight somewhat easily. But if too many of those small ghosts get into a room together they transform into a big scary red ghost! Not only is the red side a little bit rarer on the ghost fighting dice but you aren’t even allowed to fight them without a friend in the room (they also get to roll on your turn thankfully)!

Ghost Fightin Treasure Hunters sounds really simple - and perhaps it is but if you play on the advanced mode it is quite difficult to pull out a win. The main difference between the two modes is that in advanced mode you have to get the treasures out of the house in a specific order instead of just whatever order you want. If you want to fight in ghosts in a cute little game give Ghost Fightin Treasure Hunters a try - and if you also like a challenge play it on advanced mode to try to beat our #65 game!