Top 100: #6 Werewords


Our favorite quick playing game is the next entry on the Top 100. Werewords (or perhaps Insider) both only take around 5 minutes to play each round and each time we play we always have a blast. Essentially the game is 20 questions at its core - which admittedly probably isn’t a great sales pitch. The designers added enough extra bits and bobs to the core game to make it super exciting.

Instead of only one person knowing the answer in Werewords there are multiple people who know the answer. Some of them will be helping you (The Seer) but others will be trying to lead you away from finding the answer (The Werewolf). These roles are shuffled up each round so you never know who is being helpful or not unless they are being very obvious. There is even a chance that the mayor could be the werewolf which makes things pretty crazy!

The goal of all of the non-werewolves is simply to get to the selected word. As you ask questions you will get a chip that says yes or no so people can keep track of both how many questions you asked and what responses you got. If you fail to find the word then there is one last chance of victory in finding the werewolf! So they can’t be too actively misleading.

For the werewolf their goal is to keep the rest of the group from getting to the answer within the time limit. I sometimes have a hard time being the werewolf because i forget i’m supposed to be throwing people off the scent! If the werewolf fails in their goal and the group gets the word they also have another chance to win by finding the Seer! So both groups have an ability to win despite failing their primary objective.

The game is not complicated and is more fun than the sum of the parts in the rule book. Because of the fact the werewolf and the seer can’t be obvious it is always a push and tug to help or mislead the group without being too obvious. Which makes it hard for the villagers to also know who is who and which leads to follow! There are even more roles to include once you really get into the game. Because of its quick play and being tons of fun we will always be up for playing a game. Just find us with a few spare minutes at Platypus-Con and we might jump in for a round of our #6 game on the Top 100, Werewords!