Top 100: #5 Time's Up!

Now it's time for our last party game of the Top 100 - not saying the rest of the list is super serious but Time’s Up always gets a laugh out of us. The game is a mix of trivia, memorization, and charades. Don’t let the charades part scare you away. Learn how to play a game and we hope we can change your mind!


The game starts with everyone getting a small pile of cards that they will remove some of them from the game and keep the others. Its important to try to remember what was on your cards because they are some of the answers in the deck. The group splits into two teams trying to get the most points. The first run through the deck the clue giver can say almost anything and their teammates can make unlimited guesses. The problem is you aren’t allowed to pass so you have to work rather hard sometimes to lead people to the answer.

Then the game mixes up the formula for the second round when the clue giver can only give one word clues and their teammates only get one guess. You are allowed to pass this time though! So it is important to remember the cards because round two is played with the exact same answers you’ve seen before. Just like round ones the teams trade back and forth through the deck until it is depleted.

After you finish the second round it is time for the exciting third round which admittedly is a lot like charades. The clue givers can only act things out and can’t use words. This is when it is the most important time to remember the cards in the deck. Now that you have heard every card at last two times it can really help with the charades. Imagine playing charades when the answer is in a small sample set - it makes it a lot less stressful!

Every time we play there are always fun inside jokes that get made that work their way into the charades. If there was a card in round one that the clue giver used a cat to lead them to the answer when it is round three someone might act like a cat even if it completely irrelevant to the name on the card. Just hoping their team makes the connection! We always have a blast when we are playing Time’s Up! If you want to have a ton of fun with friends in family make sure to pick up the game, or a small expansion those work too! Not just any party game could make it to the #5 spot on the Top 100!