Top 100: #30 Kingdomino

Our next game is Kingdomino, a great little tile placement game where you are trying to create your own little kingdom. The scoring, placement, and drafting are all quite simple and easy to grasp but there are lots of choices to be made that make this little game a lot of fun.


As the name would suggest the game has some of its roots in dominoes, that is mostly in the shape of the pieces and the placement rules. When you acquire a tile you have to place it in such a way that that one of the sides is adjacent to a side of another tile are identical. Generally you want to do this anyways as it will help you score the most points.

The way you get points in the game are the number of crowns in a region times the number of squares in the region. So if you have 4 crowns in a region that is 8 squares big then for that section along you got 32 points. Pretty respectable. This simplicity makes the game very approachable for even our youngest gamers.


While we prefer Kingdomino because it has won the Spiel de Jahres it also has a decent number of expansions. There is also another version called Queendomino which is quite similar but they have adds lots of new bits and bobs to make the game have even more choices and scoring opportunities. That game is fun as well but part of the draw of Kingdomino for us is the simplicity.

We might be bias towards games that have a giant version like this one does but either way this game is tons of fun! If you are looking for a game that is fun and relaxing to play or if you are trying to introduce new/young people to our great hobby this one is a bright and colorful entrance to the board gaming hobby. Such a great introduction that it is our Top 30 games of all time!