Top 100: #52 Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Next on the Top 100 list is Betrayal at House on the Hill. A silly game where everyone starts out by working together and then more likely than not it turns out one of you was a betrayer and had tricked your friends into a spooky  house for nefarious purposes! Betrayal (for short) has a little bit of fun for everyone. The game starts out as a cooperative exploration game before turning into a competitive one so it has a little bit of both of those flavors.


The story of the game is that you have found yourself looked in a creepy house on the hill. The front door locked behind you so you have no option to press forward into the house to try to find a way to escape or find out the reason you were brought there. Events will happen that are best read in a creepy voice. You will find items that will help you or perhaps hurt you. And then lastly  you will find omens that speak towards what your fate might be.

Your turn ends when you run out of movement or when you need to draw one of the three types of cards. Those are generally drawn when you go into a new room during your exploration. When you pick up an omen card that means you need to make an omen roll at the end of your turn. You roll six special dice (they only roll 0, 1, or 2) and if you get lower than the number of omens in play then the haunt begins and you find out the true purpose for your arrival!

To find out what evil event is going to happen to your group you compare the omen you just received to the room that you got it in and reference the chart included in the game. In the original game there are 50 different haunts and there are rules provided to switch which one you are doing if you wind up getting a repeat somehow! Once you find  your scenario the bottom of the page tells you who is the bad guy - sometimes it is the one that causes the haunt, or a person with a really high stat, or rarely no one at all and you must all survive a new horror!

Sometimes the scenarios don’t wind up being very balanced because the building out of the house is random every game. But as long as you don’t take the game that seriously and think of it more as a fun adventure then thinking too hard about winning being important I guarantee you will have a fun time! There is even an expansion to add 50 more scenarios to the base game as well as a new version themed in the D&D universe that made some great improvements to the base game! As one we have played many times and always enjoyed it takes its rightful place in the top 100!