Top 100: #84 Legends of Andor

When we first grabbed Legends of Andor, we were mislead by the cover and the theme which isn’t the best way to experience a game. Getting something vastly different then what was expected generally leads to a negative feeling. However, Legends of Andor is a really fun game and a challenge to win from scenario to scenario. The theme led us to think it was going to be similar to a dungeon crawl game in a fantasy universe. In the end the game is much more a cooperative puzzle of a game with a fantasy theme.

Andor Close Up.jpg

Each game begins with a short narrative and a goal to accomplish. They can very pretty wildly especially if you incorporate the expansions for even more quests. The way the game forms itself into a puzzle is because there is a time limit to get the goals accomplished. Where in other games of the same theme normally you need to clear out the evil to protect the world, but in this game killing monsters takes some of your time and time is a very valuable resource. We lost our first game because we realized too late that you can’t just be the great defender, players really need to work towards those goals.

Don’t be too sad though, as there will definitely be a time and a place to drive evil away!. You just need to do so strategically. Hitting the enemy where it is weakest or where it is threatening you the most as you do need to save the towns from being overrun by the enemies. You can also get different weapons, items, and shields to make yourself more powerful.

Andor Board.jpg

While the game play doesn’t give the same vibe as other exciting dungeon crawls, the game still has a great overarching story going from mission to mission as you work towards defeating the great evil that is ravaging the land. We haven’t quite reached those missions since we just have so many games to play but we are definitely looking forward to it! Make sure to learn from our mistakes though and know what you are getting into with this game. It is a great and fun puzzle of a game with a theme we like. So despite some of our warnings it is still a game completely worth your time if you want to sit down with your friends (or possibly solo) to try to achieve some of the difficult goals given to you in Legends of Andor!