Top 100: #22 Witness

Next on our list is a rather silly cooperative game, Witness. The game is a blend of logic puzzles and a game of telephone. There are a great number of cases involved in the game to play with you and three of your friends. New players should start with some of the earlier cases as the further you get into the cases the harder they get. If you are feeling confidence though you can jump into the deep end!

Each player gets a case book that has a page or two for each of the 100 cases. At the end of the game the players will all have to individually answer three questions about the case. During the game players aren’t allowed to take notes so you need to remember all the ins and outs of the case! A perfect score is 12 points as each correct answer is worth a point.


With all of the case books combined figuring out the answers wouldn’t be that difficult but the challenge of the game comes from the fact that everyone has one quarter of the information needed. To make it so people can answer the questions you are going to be telling your teammates the information in your cook. There are rules however that make spreading that information more difficult!

First of all when you are telling someone the information in your book they can’t ask questions other than to ask you to repeat and they can’t really talk much either. So it is a one sided conversation.The other complication is that you will never talk to one of your teammates and they must get the information second hand from the others that you told.

Witness is a very silly game but still feel challenging as you try to piece together the evidence you learn during the game. Since you can’t take notes until the very end you try to make sure you remember what is important - even if you aren’t sure what is the most important information! We love playing the game as a silly end to an evening. All of the enjoyment we have gotten from it means it certainly deserves its spot at #22 on the Top 100!