Top 100: #39 Tem-Purr-A

Next on the list is a very silly but cute card game called Tem-Purr-A. It has fun pictures of cats and some tempura style food. At least one of us has a big soft spot for a good pun. The game is a card game based around pushing your luck or playing it safe to try to not get indigestion. There are only a few choices for what to do on your turn but some strategic choices can be made in a somewhat luck based game.

On your turn you have four options for how to spend your turn. You can add an identical number card to the pile, play a pair to clear away all previously cards, use an action card, or decide to eat (draw) some cards. The first top options are pretty simple but choosing to use a pair can be dangerous if someone uses that number again. Being able to play a number card is one of the safest options. The actions cards do some things most people are used to in card games. Some reverse direction of play, another lets you choose who goes next, or just adds a plus one to the value of the pot.

If you can’t play any cards or think it might be a good time for a snack the last action available is to eat some cards by drawing them and adding them to your hand. When you do this you have to draw as many cards as the total value of the ards in the pot. If there are 4 cards with the value 5 you need to draw 20 cards from the draw pile. If you can draw that many without getting an indigestion card then you are safe, for now! If you did get an indigestion care though you get a token symbolizing that and you have the choice of adding another dangerous indigestion card to the deck for the rest of the game. Once someone gets their third indigestion token the game end with the person who had the fewest winning the game!

The game is super silly and quick which excuses most of its randomness to us. The tension that is created when you have to draw cards is great and the celebration of not getting a bad card despite drawing most the deck is even greater. Tem-Purr-A is always a fun time which gets it this high up on the Top 100!