Top 100: #40 Pandemic (Iberia)

While not the first cooperative game, Pandemic is one of the most well known early cooperative games. But being a older game doesn’t make it good enough to be on our Top 100 - it is simply a really fun game to play with your friends. There have been many iterations of the game including recently they have started coming out with regional/historical themed versions of the game. Which is where we find our favorite version of the game - Pandemic: Iberia.


As the game is based in historic Spain there is no curing of the diseases as science hadn’t quite advanced that far yet. Instead you are trying to research the diseases and purify water supplies in order to prevent their spread. If you can research all of the diseases before running out of disease cubes. It can be more difficult then normal pandemic in which you can treat diseases to the point of extermination.


Pandemic: Iberia does share quite a bit of game play with the original. It is still definitely card driven down to needing five cards of the same color to research and diseases where in the original you needed five cards of the same color to cure the disease. But because it is in the past the methods of travel are quite different. Where you can fly in the original you are restricted to older technology in Iberia - with the best form of transit being the train system.  Building out the trains can be very important as it allows instantaneous (in game terms) movement around the board letting you get to problem areas.

While Pandemic Iberia is our choice for the Top 100 it is only because we felt we should combine all the games into one entry or it would take up quite a few entries in the list. The classic is also a great game. If you find yourself enjoying the game we would highly encourage playing the legacy version of the game. It is the version we have had the most fun with but because you can only really play it through once we didn’t feel it was right for the list. If we included legacy on the top 100 it would easily be in the top 10 - make sure to experience if you haven’t yet!