Top 100: #33 Rhino Hero

Not all dexterity games are created equal and this is likely the last one on the list because they are almost never the kind of game we lean towards. But Rhino Hero, our number 33, has always been a blast. It is sort of a combination of Uno and Jenga in how its played. You are trying to stack up the cards to run out and win, but you can also win by having the tower fall on someone else’s turn and you having the fewest cards remaining.


Each player starts with a hand of five cards and there is a communal pile of wall cards. On your turn the newest roof tile will have marking for where you need to put some wall cards - sometimes there will be two and other times one. How they are arranged changes as well. Most of the roof tiles also have other indicators showing off their special powers which is what makes the game a bit like Uno.

Some of the roofs will skip the next player in turn order, change the order of play, or make the next player draw a card. But the one that is the most fun is the one with the Rhino icon. That means in addition the normal things that must be placed on the next turn they must also move the Super Rhino! It can’t hit the table after it enter the tower it has to move from roof to roof. Just this tiny little meeple figure can greatly throw off the balance of the tower adding to the tension of the game!


Rhino Hero, or Super Rhino, is a great little dexterity game that doesn’t take much time and is not overly difficult or speed based like other dexterity games. We’ve enjoyed it so much we got a giant version that can easily get to 8’ tall if the tower doesn’t fall during the game. To further prove how much it deserves to be on our list it is also our first tournament of every Platypus-Con as it is a fun and easy way to start up the competitive corner of the event! Make sure to give it a try or even join in the tournament at Platypus-Con to give our number 33 a try!