Top 100: #34 Century: Spice Road

While we do love some of the classic games we've played for years - newer games are generally the ones we play most often. When a new game can get lots of plays in that means it is likely destined to be one of those games we are still playing a decade from now. The next game on our list Century: Spice Road is one of those games. A compact game of building a trading empire is a ton of fun.


Century is also ridiculously easy to teach. While you might not become a master of the game or know all of the strategy of the game the first time through you will know how to play within minutes. On your turn you can only do one of four things; get a merchant card, get a victory point card, play a card, or recover all the cards in your discard pile. Now just by reading this you could almost play the game!

The strategy of the game is getting the best cards to match the ones you’ve previously acquired. If you have a strong ability to make green cubes then it would be best to get cards that use those green cubes in interesting ways. Each of the victory point cards need a different set of cubes in order to purchase it so you always want to be able to make any color of cube. Including the base yellow cubes - we’ve had a hard time getting those once.


Depending on the number of players the game ends after a certain number of victory point cards has been purchased by a single individual. Some of the cards also come with coins that increase the value of those cards. The sum of the cards, coins, and non-yellow cubes winds up being your score. Once everyone know how to play the game just sings along with very little down time between turns and a quick game play time.

We feel this game is likely to be a modern classic especially as it is part of a series so they keep adding on to it or making improvements. Its first sequel has already been released, Century: Eastern Wonders, which adds a map element to the game it didn’t have before. You can either play each game independently or even combine them to make a third game. We look forward to getting the third tile and see what kind of game they are when you put all three together! No matter how you play it we strongly suggest you give our number 34 a try!