Top 100: #36 The Oracle of Delphi

Oracle of Delphi is the next game on our Top 100. While we enjoy Stefan Feld’s game most are a little bit too point salad to make it too high on the this list. But the Oracle of Delphi has a much different victory mechanic - instead of trying to get the most points you are trying to win a race to complete objectives first.


Each player has a set of three dice that will have a chance to change colors each round and you can manipulate in other ways to make the colors you want. A lot of the actions you want to need to take depend on having the right color for a task. Movement, exploration, fighting, and building all need to be the correct color.

Players can also shorten the length of the game by playing a fewer number of objectives. But even when players have fewer objectives you make sure that they are all the same. This makes the game balanced as some objectives might prove harder than others with the variable map. The board is built from a group of tiles each game so how hard or easy it is to satisfy some objectives can change.


There is also a good track that you can use your dice to manipulate and on your turn you can use the power of the god that is highest on the track that all players share. Some of the actions make it easier to move your ship around or to explore islands. Another recovers some of your injuries that you gain throughout game play. If you are too injured you have to skip your turn where if you are completely uninjured you get a bonus each turn that it true!

We really enjoy this game because it keeps the deep game play that Feld always brings along with not needing to keep track of a great multitude of ways you can score points. This is another game where it definitely is not for the uninitiated but if you like deep and complicated game play you should give our #36 a try.