Top 100: #37 Orleans

Next on our list is one of the first games to bring a new type of deck building to gaming - bag building! This allowed for some things that a deck of cards simply can’t do as easily. Over the course of the game you will be adding more and different workers to your bag and draw them out to do actions throughout the game.


Each player has their own action board that they are placing their workers on to in order to take actions. Some of the locations can only take certain workers in order to accomplish. Players can if they want place workers in one round before they have all the needed workers but that would mean that worker is tied up doing other activities and you won’t be able to use them until you finish that action by finding the other worker. Lots of hard choices on how to use your workers and build your bag as you decide what type of worker to add.

Not only are the players taking actions on their board some of them cause interactions with some of the general board for the game. One of the boards is a map and using actions players can maneuver around on that map claiming goods as they move around and build trading posts. Those goods are all worth points at the end of the game.


Trading posts and the citizens you acquire based on your development track are also worth points at the end of the game. So there are lots of chances and paths for players to take as they go. You could try to dominate the goods and get a ton of points that way or work to develop your house so that each trading post you’ve built are worth that much more!

Orleans as the first bag builder has always been a ton of fun - it even has inspired some games that follow similar models, like Altiplano. While they are based on deck builders that are often a little bit more complicated than them since the bag builder aspect allows them to do more with the game. So if you want to try a meaty game that will remind you of your favorite deck builders give our number 37 a try - Orleans!