Top 100: #42 Word Slam

Another terrific party game makes it on to the Top 100. Word slam is a team game where each team is trying to guess the word one of their players is trying to explain to them before the other team figures out what their teammate is trying to illustrate. One of the neat parts is that the word is the same for both teams so you can often get hints from how your opponents are guessing - or are they trying to mislead you?


When you are the person who knows the answer you are using set of cards as your only means of communication. You can group specific cards, put them in specific order, or try to find other ways to emphasize some cards over others. The cards range from descriptions to nouns and occasionally some verbs. Similar types of words are grouped into different colored decks to hopefully make your sifting through the large variety of choices easier during the frenetic game play.

Everyone gets a turn to know the answer and get their teammates to guess. But when you don’t know the answer you have to figure out what they are trying to say with those words cards we talked about earlier. Sometimes you can definitely go down the wrong path and they might have to start over and try a different strategy. You also need to be careful to not be too helpful to the opposing team. Definitely don’t say the word that actually got placed as they would give them another related word. Even your guesses might help them out but if you don’t guess at all then there is definitely not way to win.

Word Slam is a fast paced guessing game with a great variety of words to  use in try to explain the answer. One of the great parts is as we have mentioned you are trying to guess at the same time as the other team and that adds additional layers to how you respond to the hints you are given and how much  you guess. Sometimes you might want to even guess really crazy things as your opponents might think that is a logical guess! As one of our favorite large group games Word Slam deserves its spot on the top 100!