Top 100: #61 Sagrada

A lot of times our own interests both past and present can make us interested in games that are coming out. The fact that I both enjoy and used to create stained glass made it so Sagrada was a game that I had to try. Through the rounds you are slowly building your own beautiful stained glass windows with vibrant colored dice. Thankfully it also wind up being a great game as well!


At the start of a round the first player will roll all of the dice for your player count and then all of the players take turns drafting dice. You both want to make sure you don’t have any gaps in your window while also trying to best satisfy the point cards that were dealt out at the start of the game. This can be challenging because you can’t place colors that are the same next to each other or dice that have the same value.

So if you have a red 1 you can’t put any red dice next to it or any other ones regardless of color. This makes it very easy to paint yourself into a corner. Especially because some of the spots on your board will have required spaces. On those spaces you might be required to play a specific color or a specific number. So you want to make sure that you don’t make it so you are unable to play in those spaces.


Thankfully there are some cards that allow you to break some of those rules if you pay the cost. However, every time someone uses one it becomes more expensive to use them. Generally not everyone has the same amount of currency to spend because the amount you start with is based on how difficult the requirements were on the card you selected. Once all of the rounds are over you score how well you did your own board as well as the cards that will be different each game to add new challenges.

The fact that the game has lots of variability in scoring, requirements, and rule breakers means that no game will be exactly the same. There doesn’t seem like there would be much ability for player interaction but you can definitely take the dice that your opponents need to hinder some of their plans. All of those factors together with the great theme and the beautiful components make it more than deserving to be on the top 100!