Top 100: #62 Karuba

Where our last selection has lots of player interaction - some of it bordering on mean depending on who you are playing with our next choice is all about your own choices and there are only very small things your opponents can do to affect you. Karuba is a fun tile placement game where everyone has a set of the same tiles and one player will randomly draw tiles and then everyone places they same tile they drew. The goal is to get adventures to their temples but there is quite a lot of space separating them from their goal.


All of the tiles are squares but how they differ is from the paths available on them. Also some of them will have treasure that you can pick up on the way for points. The game is often quite close so grabbing those points along the way can be the deciding factor. Each of the temple also has a descending point value stack of tokens. The first person to get their adventurer to a temple gets the highest value one and then so on.

When you get a tile you have two choices on what you want to do with it. You can either place the tile anywhere on the board, attempting to make a path for your adventures without blocking any of them from their goal (they often need to cross paths) or you can discard the tile to move one of your pawns a number of spaces equal to the number of exits on the tile. Most of the time you will want to move with useless or bad tiles for your map but as it is a race for those temples sometimes you will want to get rid of good tiles in order to beat your opponent to the temple!

Everyone has different tastes in how much they want to have conflict with other players and how much they want to work together. While we obviously have a soft spot for cooperative games sometimes we do like to test out our skill against other players. Karuba lets us do that without being terribly aggressive. This also makes it so Karuba is a terrific family game as you don’t need to pull any punches and it is simple enough that kids might be their parents occasionally!