Top 100: #63 Ninja Camp

Sometimes adding some flavor and complication to a game can make it worse and just too hard to figure out what is going on. With Ninja Camp however we have found a game that is obviously based around games like That’s My Fish but have made it even better! As different ninjas the players will bounce around the board made out of cards using their fancy moves.


Some of the moves will let you move in strange ways, let you jump over walls, or even copy the moves that your opponents have played. The goal is to claim cards that have a high point value from the board which you do by moving off of them. While you are trying to get some of the better cards off the board - you might also try to pin your opponents so they won’t be able to move themselves!

Another thing that you can choose to use or not but we think you should always use it is giving each player a different style card at the beginning of the game. Not only do they have great art with the animal making a ninja pose (sadly no platypus card) but they also grant a once per game special action that can be used to save you from being stuck or maybe get you a high scoring card you are looking to acquire. Since they are once per game you definitely need to find the best time to use them but it always makes it so you can do something a little different than your opponents.


At its core the game is quite simple - you play a card to move one of your pawns around the board and score the card that you had been standing on by putting it in your score pile. At the end of the game you get those points plus a small bonus if you didn’t use your once per game power. The replayability of the game comes from the board being randomly generated each time with walls and trapped being in different locations. Also as the other players take turns it will also become harder to navigate.

If you’ve played Hey, That’s my Fish and enjoyed it you should definitely give Ninja Camp a try. And if you haven’t - then you should try out both as they are both terrific games accessible for the whole family even if they can get cutthroat pretty quickly if you want them too!