Top 100: #68 Watson & Holmes

Deduction games are one of my favorite style of games - probably because there was lots of puzzle solving when I was a lad. When you mix deduction with the theme of one of the best known crime solvers - Sherlock Holmes--you are quickly on the road to being one of my favorite games. Watson & Holmes is one of the more unique games with that theming because it is a competitive instead of cooperative game.

There are multiple cases (with limited to no replayability) where all of different people and places you can investigate are placed on the table. On each turn a location can only be visited by a single investigator so there is a small bidding element if two players want to go to the same location. It doesn’t happen until later in the game when it seems one part of the case that you need to know is obviously at a specific location.

None of the locations ever have the exact answer to the crime in question, you also need to be able to piece together the different elements of the crime similar to a logic puzzle. Some locations are also difficult to enter being cordoned off by the police only and with special resources are you going to be able to get into those - lots of the time though they have important information worth the cost.

Because this Sherlock themed deduction game is competitive instead of cooperative, not only is the goal to solve the case but also to be the one to solve it first. This race to the truth, while fun, takes out a small piece of the enjoyment Watson and Holmes provides. If there was perhaps a cooperative deduction game based in the Sherlock Holmes setting it might be higher up on this list than #68. *wink* But until we get there, if you like the setting and solving some crimes (especially if you would rather compete) then give Watson and Holmes a spin.