Top 100: #64 Junk Art

Dexterity games are always a little bit harder to recommend to everyone as some people are simply better at stacking things. I will probably never win a game of Jenga as that just isn’t in my skill set. I try at Animal Upon Animal which is better but still hard for me to win. But Junk Art, our #64, has just the right competition of challenge and gameplay to make it more approachable than the others.


Each time you play the game you will select a couple of game modes at random to play through as the different rounds of the game. This is probably the biggest thing separating it from some of the other dexterity games available today. Sometimes you are trying to make the tallest structure you can. Other times you are trying to survive playing pieces that your opponents select, and my favorite game mode is when you are rotating around the table so you are trying to make it really difficult for the next player to place a piece.

Each round has a different scoring mechanism but generally the person who does the best gets the most points but that isn’t always the case as some have some weird ways to get points. After all of the rounds are over then the player with the most points wins Junk Art!


One of the other parts of Junk Art that puts it above it competition is the very unique pieces that you get to stack with. Not only are the all rather unique but they obviously have fun and interesting ways that they work together. Some have a hole in the middle that must happens to fit some of the cylinders that are also available. Then there are some half spheres that will make putting anything on top super difficult!

Even with all of the variability and unique pieces provided in Junk Art dexterity games are simply not for everyone. However, if you think you had some skills in the art of balancing things precariously on top of one another then you really should give Junk Art a chance because it is never quite the same twice!