Top 100: #82 Hive Mind

Party games need to have some representation on the Top 100! This is one of our favorites. Not sure if we have some higher up, but this is one of my go to games if I am at a party where we just want to have some fun and getting deep into a strategy game isn’t on the agenda. Hive Mind is all about trying to think like the other people at the table.  If your answers don’t match with the other players you will slowly begin to slide out of the hive! The winner at the end of the game is all of the bees that managed to stay inside the hive when one or more fall out!

HM Questions.jpg

Each round starts with the active player drawing a card and asking one of the three listed questions or one of their own imagination to the group. Most of them will have a set number of answers that people have to come up with to the question. While you might have some great answers you need to make sure that you also try to think of things that the other players at the table will as well!

There are a number of different type of questions that both keep the players on their toes but also make it so the personal nature of the game can vary. Some of the questions might be name 5 animals that start with the letter P (obviously Platypus) which is a very general question that doesn’t require much knowledge of the other players at the table. There are some other questions though that might ask the most likely person at the table to perform in an opera! So depending on how well the players at the group know each other you can ask different types of questions! And as always there is always the chance of asking a question from your imagination!

HM Board.jpg

Once time has run out everyone compares their answers. For each person that has also written down one of your answers you get a point. Once all of the points have been distributed you reference the spot the queen be is on to see who is falling out of the hive. Although sometimes the bee with the best score might even get to go back further into the hive. This can help players not doing well regain some ground.

Hive Mind is a great party game - it can be a little rough if one person really doesn’t think like the rest of the table. Even if you run into that situation the game is still a great experience - it will just be a little shorter. The game is always full of “That's a great answer! ...but I didn’t write it down” - most of the times those moments make me laugh. And having a good laugh with your friends is something every party game should provide!