Top 100: #88 Tiefe Taschen

The first voting game on the list, Tiefe Taschen is a great game of trying to be fair while still playing against your opponents. If you can figure out what they are going to do, then you are going to do well. But they might act differently than you thought and throw off your entire plan.


The game starts simple enough with the start player drawing a set number of money cards from the deck and distributing them amongst the active players. There is no need to be fair, but if you try to take everything you are not likely to be supported in that action. If you can’t get enough support you are actually removed from the group of people who can receive the money. So it is better to only try to get some money than none if you get greedy.

Once all of the money is distributed the players can talk until someone lays down their card they want to play. Unlike a lot of voting games with only a yes and a no, there are actually five different actions that you can take. The first two are generic yes and no cards. If there are more yeses at the end of the vote than nos, the cards will be taken by the players they have been put in front of. The other three cards have no impact on whether or not the plan succeeds. The easiest of those actions is to embezzle money from the company. The first player to have played one of those gets the card on top of the money deck. Anyone else who played one gets nothing for their trouble.


You can also attempt to blackmail people with one of the other action cards. Before the cards are played and revealed you can bluff that you are going to blackmail people by putting a cute little meeple in front of them. There is no requirement to place your meeple in front of someone as you can totally bluff. However, whomever it is in front of will be your blackmail target if that is truly what you selected. If you succeed you get some of their money but the last unknown action card is counter blackmail where the tables get turned on you if your target plays it.

With all of the action cards revealed if there are more yeses than nos then the money is collected by the people it is in front of. If there is not a larger group of yeses than the start player loses the ability to participate until new money is drawn completely excluding themselves from this pot. So make sure to be generous!

Tiefe Taschen is a quick card game where you play against your opponents trying to be the wealthiest which can be quite difficult since none of your opponents will want you to collect too much money. Sometimes you might even have to give yourself the worst deal in the pot just to get them to agree to the split! It is always lots of fun as you try to out think each of your opponents and plot your way to victory!