Top 100: #4 Mythos Tales

For our fourth favorite game of all time we are delving back into the world of Lovecraft for a story based game, Mythos Tales. As you work your way through the game book you will find bits and pieces of mystery and signs of the occult. There are not a lot of game play mechanics but we don’t always need a deep and complex game to entertain. With a great story and immersive theme games like this can really tickle our fancy.


Mythos Tales starts out with an introduction to the mystery you are attempting to solve. Something otherworldly is likely occurring and you must explore the area to find the culprit and hopefully stop the world from by torn asunder by madness. After the introduction what the group does is largely up to them. The group will select a location which has reference in the scenario book to read to continue the adventure.

Trying to decide where you want to go can sometimes be confusing so the game also comes with information that you can use to guide yourself outside of the scenario book. Each case also comes with a newspaper that will likely have some important information. Although it will be mixed in with the general news of the day. If you are looking for specific individuals you can also looking the Arkham directory to find where businesses or houses of suspects might be so you can go investigate.


Lastly the game also includes a map of Arkham, Massachusetts with tags for to look up those locations in the scenario book. It seems the best course of action would be to not live in a town constantly bothering by cultists and great evils. But as brave investigators we will risk our life and sanity to unravel evil plots before they can come to pass and destroy the world.

While there are now choose your own adventure games that are branded with that name Mythos tales outpaces those with a deep theme and a more serious tone. In the end though that is the kind of game you are signing up to play with your friends (or solo). Going from location to location your group of friends will attempt to solve the case laid in front of you. When you think you have gathered enough information you can answer the questions at the end of the scenario and then the ending narrative. Getting a high score is never the end goal for us, Mythos Tales is all about the journey. A journey that was fun enough to land it as #4 on our Top 100!