Top 100: #3 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

While investigating some shenanigans in the town of Arkham is a blast from our previous entry not tickles the investigative itch like helping out Sherlock Holmes. So the next game on our list in the #3 spot is Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. The players work with various characters in the world of Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a case with the same speed and logic as Holmes himself!

Similar to Mythos Tales this game brings with it a map, newspaper, directory, and a scenario book! After an engrossing opening narrative the players are lot loose to explore the city of London and all of it locations in order to unravel the mystery of the case. You can go to the crime scene, the police, the coroner, and many other locations! We enjoy checking the libraries because who knows what great information we could find there!


Consulting Detective is better for quite a few ways and it also came first being quite an old game that has been getting recent reprintings. The game has fewer typos than some of its comparable games and as far more content if you find you enjoy the game. We have a hard time repeating games so we haven’t even made it through all of the cases and expansions yet!

Some of the expansions bring a longer story into the mix. The first expansion includes some cases related to Jack the Ripper and lets you follow the cases from one to another in a long campaign of cases. Then the next expansion added a large mansion to the game which adds even more locations to explore and logic possibilities to solve the case. Hopefully there will be cases brought to us in the future that add even more excitement before we finally play all of the cases.

We always have a ton of fun playing Consulting Detective. Admittedly the game doesn’t have a ton of mechanics to the game and it is more of the experience that we are enjoying. Cooperative immersive games are obviously important to us and our gaming experiences. If you want to spend an evening going to 221b Baker Street and using your noggins to solve a case - make sure to give Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, our #3 of all time a try!