Top 100: #13 Between Two Cities

What great timing for Between Two Cities to be the next on the Top 100! Just this last weekend we played a follow up to the title that will be likely to bring this game to more people than it was before. The original Between Two Cities is a great game but flew under the radar a little. We’ve been trying to show people how wonderful this game is a few people at a time.

The game play feels very unique as it manages to be a semi-cooperative game that is actually fun. Players will be drafting two tiles a turn as play goes round and round. In other games the tiles you draft would go into your tableau and would be scored against other players to see who won. But in Between Two Cities you are working with the player on your right and left to make two high scoring cities.

The score you get at the end of the game is based on whichever of the two cities you are working on that scores the least amount of points. So you need them to both be around the same to win the game. It is a hard balance to maintain because you won’t always find the tiles you need in your hand to draft. Sometimes you get a really high scoring tile - but which city to put it in? You can discuss with your fellow players up to the point of placing it - so there can also be a small amount of negotiation as well!


Now that we have played a newer version of the game, Between Two Castles, we would also recommend that game as well! Its scoring and game play has a little bit more meat on the bone but the theme is even great with fun named rooms that you can add to the two castles that you are working on. It all depends on what theme and what level of complexity you want but they are both terrific games!

Since we never stop singing the praises of Between Two Cities and we like it rethemeing into Between Two Castles it was always destined to be on our Top 100! It isn’t too surprising with how much we like it that it got as high as #13. We will always be happy to teach either of these versions. Just bring a group of your friends and lets play!