Top 100: #18 Fugitive

The Top 100 continues with a great two player game of cat and mouse, Fugitive! One player will be the titular fugitive trying to escape before the other player, the marshal catches up to them. All of this is done with a small footprint of a deck of cards going from 0 to 42.


The goal of the fugitive is to be able to legally play the 42 card before the marshal can reveal all the cards in the past. Each turn the fugitive gets a new card from a stack of their choice. Then they need to play one of their cards in their escape row. The card you play can only be a maximum of three greater than the last card you played. Although you can use some of the other cards in your hand to expand your range.

The marshal has a very different way of playing the game. The turn starts similarly with the marshal drawing two cards from stacks of their choices. Anything they have in their hand definitely can’t be used by the fugitive because there is only one of each card. After they have drawn they can use a couple different methods to try to guess the fugitive path.

When the marshal is trying to uncover the path the fugitive took he can play it safe and guess a single card. If the card is in play the fugitive turns it over and is closer to being caught. However, instead the marshal can list a whole bunch of numbers and if they are all on the table they get flipped over and a lot has been learned. If any of the listed numbers are not in play though nothing gets flipped over and the turn is lost having learned a lot less.

Fugitive plays really quickly so the two players playing the game can switch up roles and see who does it better or what one they find most often. The game blends in just enough deduction and trying to misdirect to make a great game. Definitely one that deserves its spot on the Top 100 at #18.