Top 100: #19 Glux

Glux is a great simple easy to learn game with lots of cutthroat plays and choices to make in your striving for victory. On your turn you will simply legally play the die tile currently in your hand and then draw a new one! Just that simple. Knowing where you can legally play is where some of the fun choices and being vicious can happen.


The game starts by players choosing which side to play their starting token. All of the discs are similar to the sides of a die. For those that don’t know all normal six sided dice faces add to seven if you add the opposite side together. So each disc has two sides that add up to seven. After your first disc you can only play off of other discs you have played. Legal placement is a number of spaces away equal to the pips of the previous disc. SO if you played a two you can play your next disc two spaces away in a straight line.

There is some definite strategy in disc placement. Players can't go through other discs so you could get in the way of other players placements. Each disc can also be covered once if you have a legal way to his the same spot. So once a disc gets covered that will be the disc there for the rest of the game which is important to know for final scoring. You can even cover your own discs so people don’t steal a spot from you.

Once everyone has placed all of their discs then final scoring takes place. Each of the rooms which are the brightly colored spaces on the board will be scored. The player with the most pips worth of value in the room gets 4 points. Second place gets 2 points. After you have summed all of those up the person with the most points is the winner!

Glux is such a simple game but there are so many difficult strategy choices to make with your limited options. It proves that while games with lots of mechanics and eccentricities can be fun you don’t absolutely need them to get on the Platypus Top 100!