Top 100: #20 La Granja

There are some relatively heavy games near the top of this list. With La Granja taking the #20 spot on the list. There is lots of moving parts in this game but the smoothness that they all blend together is what makes the game really shine. It is almost anything you could want from a game. There is a little bit of everything; area control, dice drafting, and multi-use cards.


The first phase of the game is when players use their cards that have a multitude of different things that they can become. Playing a card on the right of left side of the board upgrades your farm and possibly your income. Another option is to play the card to the top of your player board to turn it into a cart that once you fill you can use to make a delivery. The last option is to play it below your board to turn it into a helper. You don’t have many cards to play in the game so use them wisely!

Now using the dice that come in the game we get to the revenue phase that uses dice drafting. The start player rolls dice equal to the number of players times two and adds one extra dice. Each one of the six sides has an action that is related to it. When you draft a die you get to take the related action. Because of the random roll the actions available will change from round to round. Once all of the players have drafting two dice there will be one left over. Everyone gets the bonus from the die, so even the last player has a difficult choice to make in their drafting.

player board.jpg

The last main phase of the game is when players need to choose if they are going to deliver or rest or a little bit of both. You can get points for resting and it also determines the player order for the next round. Getting delivers made however is also super important as there are even more points there with some interesting bonuses available to boot!

These few paragraphs were only skimming the surface of the great game of La Granja. It definitely shouldn’t be the first board game you play but if you want lots of strategy and choices in your game you should give La Granja a try. It sounds super complicated but once you get the flow of the game it runs super smoothly! Definitely smooth enough to be on our Top 100!