Top 100: #96 Las Vegas

While I obviously like some heavy strategy games there are also the times that I just want to make simple choices and chuck some dice. One of the go tos for that situation is Las Vegas! The end goal in this game is to have the most money at the end of the game. You get that money by having the most dice on the casinos with the best money cards each round.


To start the round each of the six casinos are loaded with money until they have at least $50k in value. On each player's turn they will roll all of the dice they still have and group them by number. Then place all of the dice of one number to the casino that matches. You can’t split up the dice so sometimes you will really want to place on a number but it will consume more of your dice than you want to use. Once everyone has used up all of their dice the round will be over.

Scoring is quite interesting in Las Vegas - but definitely not overly complicated because that's not what I come to this game for after all! The person with the most dice gets the best value card in the casino and then second most gets the second best card and so on. However, if two players tie for the amount of dice they cancel each other out! A player in third place might get the best value card while first and second get nothing because they had an equal number of dice.

After five rounds the player with the most money wins. There is lots of chucking dice - deciding to use overwhelming force on a casino or to place minimal dice down so you can snipe a casino at the end. While it will never require deep thought Las Vegas combines fun dice rolling and real choices as one of the best filler games.