Top 100: #92 Star Wars Rebellion

Star Wars: Rebellion is often described as Star Wars in a box, and if your favorite Star Wars movies are the original three than that description definitely isn’t wrong. In this 2- Player game one person will play the rebel alliance trying to strike at the empire to weaken its grip on the galaxy while making sure to keep base locations a secret. The other player will play the mighty Empire, with far more ability to construct the tools of war but without knowing precisely where to deploy them as they search rebel bases.


Both sides play rather differently since they have different goals to achieve victory. The Empire’s goal is pretty simple - find and eliminate the Rebel base. The Rebels just need to do enough damage to the Empire before they are found. Each round it gets closer and closer to victory. Also each successful mission moves the target for the round marker closer and closer.

All the characters and actions from the original trilogy are there to play with during the game. The Rebel Alliance has Luke, Han, and Leia that can send be sent on missions. The Empire can build a Death Star and blow up planets - any planet not just Alderaan. One of the most fun things I did as the Empire was to freeze rebel heroes in carbonite!


Star Wars: Rebellion is a rather long game, but not overly complicated. Once you get a grip on what you are doing it is easy to fall into treating it like a story with all the characters you know and love. It would likely be higher on my list but being a couple hours to play and only two player it doesn’t make it to the table as often as some of my other favorites. Still the game is a complete blast for any Star Wars fans!