Top 100: #93 Sword and Sorcery

Nothing quite like a dungeon crawl for me. And there will definitely be more further along in this list of my favorite 100 games. This one might be higher, but it is new and I haven’t had much opportunity to play it. So far it seems to have the most story of all of our dungeon crawl games in the library. And my desire to see where that story goes is why it will likely get more play than some of the older dungeon crawls.


The main point of the story is you are ancient heroes brought back to life in a time of darkness, and you must work to regain your former strength to conquer that darkness. Sword and Sorcery plays similar to a lot of other games where you are exploring a map and killing baddies. Lots of dice chucking to see how hard you hit and how well those attacks are defended against. There are lots of elements added to the formula though - otherwise it might not have made the list.


Instead of having most of the bad guys on the map already, most of them are represented by shadowed tokens on the board so you don’t know what is around each corner. It might be a giant pack of monsters! Or it could just be a merchant or other townsperson going about their business. As I mentioned earlier, the part I like best is the integration of story to the game. Other games will generally just give plot in-between each mission, treating each time at the table as a small skirmish between story elements. Sword and Sorcery however puts little tokens in play that represent story points. Once you get to those points of the map you go to a story book and see what happens and what will change on the board.

The leveling system is also a little different than the competition. In most games as you gain experience you just get some new skills.  In Sword and Sorcery most of your stats will increase and they are conveniently noted on some dials that come with the game. Overall I am really looking forward to exploring this world and see where they story takes us.