Top 100: #100 Medieval Academy

Starting off the list is a great drafting game set in a medieval times theme. But I feel the theme is closer to the restaurant experience than to the actual time period. There is dragon fighting, tournaments, and wooing damsels. But don’t forget to pay favor to the king, attend to your studies, and give to the poor!


While there are lots of choices in Medieval Academy it boils down to a pretty simple drafting game. Everyone will get dealt cards and then slowly building up a hand to use in the second phase by picking one card from each set of cards that gets passed. Once all the cards have been drafting players take turns playing all but one of their cards from their hand influencing different tracks on the board.

After card playing is finished different tracks score. Some score every round (like the tournaments) while others like fighting the dragon are only scored at the end of the game. The scoring differences between the tracks are one of my favorite parts, as it makes you choose between points now and points in the future.


The ability to play a game over and over is important to me (despite the fact I don’t get to do it often) and this game delivers. Not only does having different players and different strategies alter how the game will go because of the drafting but each scoring board has two sides. You can mix and match which ones you want to flip for each game making a ton of different combinations.

If a person enjoys drafting games this is going to be one of our first suggestions if they haven’t tried it already.