Hey, That's my Fish!

One of the most ruthless games that you can play with kids! On a large grid of ice flow tiles the players will compete to see who can get those most fish before all of the ice is gone. Movement rules restrict where you can go and once you get cut  off from the rest of the ice then that penguin’s fate is sealed! Sometimes that can be a good thing though, let me explain.


Everyone’s penguins start on a single fish tile one by one for the set up. Then you on your turn you move one penguin in a straight line in one of six directions from the tile it is currently on. You can go as far as you want in that direction until you either hit a lost tile or another penguin. Then you have to stop. After your move is completed you take the ice flow tile that you started on slowly chipping away at the available paths on the board.


Using the movement and the disappearing ice flows you can strand some penguins on small ice flows with not that many fish making it more likely for you to win. However, on the reverse you can also block off everyone else from a lucrative pile of fish for only you to collect!

Cutely marketed for children this game is fun with all groups, parents and children, kids, and even a bunch of adults. Granted with a bunch of adults it gets even more cutthroat! Although admittedly we have seen the glee on some kids faces when they turn the table on their parents as well.