Word on the Street

Word on the Street is another game that successfully integrates learning and gameplay to make a great game both for adults and kids. Two teams work to claim letters from the middle of the street. Being able to quickly of words that fit the category will help your team claim victory, but make sure you know how to spell them!


The game begins with all of the letter tiles down the middle of the board. Not all of the letters - the vowels and some rarer letters are not included. The opposing team will flip over a category and your team must come up with a matching word.  Categories can be as simple as “something that you can open” or as hard as “____.”

The speed element of the timer slowly ticking down can make your brain freeze as you try to think of a word that will move the most letters and match the category. The best words use the same letter multiple times to tug on a letter repeatedly. Plurals are also quite nice until the S has been taken by one of the teams.


Word on the Street is great for adults, kids, and families. The game definitely can test our ability to spell every time we take it off the shelf. But more than just spelling, it also tests our vocabulary in a fun way. Lots of educational games can be far from fun, treating teaching as being more important than being fun. Word of the Street however finds a nice balance of the two to make a fun and tense game between two people or two teams.