Dr. Eureka

Games using dexterity and speed elements without risking life and limb have been making more and more of a splash into board games. Dr. Eureka takes those elements and also requires logic and planning (quickly) in order to win the game. Everyone starts with the same set up of test tubes and marbles and must be the first to arrange the marbles into a different formation.


Each player starts with three test tubes filled with three identical marbles in different colors. Someone flips over the top card from the deck which shows a new arrangement of marbles. The challenge is you aren’t allowed to remove the marbles from the test tubes other than to move them to another test tube.  The person who completes the new arrangement first wins the card.  If you ever drop a marble (which will happen) then you are out for the round.

The game ends once a player wins the most cards from the deck. However, like lots of other silly fun games, you can decide to play as long as you want if you are enjoying trying to solve these puzzles. We’ve had lots of fun trying to solve these puzzles and have found it is accessible for most ages with adults occasionally losing to smaller children.