Can't Stop

You just can’t beat a good dice chucker. One of the classic press your luck games, Can’t Stop, quickly tests how much you can push your luck in order to win. Each turn you roll four dice and pair them by value. Depending on what you roll you slowly move up a game board shaped like a stop sign.  The goal is to cap off three numbers before anyone else.

Each turn you have three safety cones used to indicate movement for the turn. After you roll the dice and pair them you have to move (or place) at least one cone. Numbers that have already been capped become invalid for movement. Once you have all three of the movement cones on the board, those are the only ones that you can move. You can keep rolling as long as you want, but if you ever roll dice and can’t make pairs all of the progress you made is lost. Instead if you decide to stop before you bust, you change out the movement cones for your own and you can never lose that progress.

While Can’t Stop is entirely made out of dice rolling there are still choices to be made. Rarer rolls are easier to cap off while the most common roll of seven takes a lot of rolls to reach the top. Then fun of the game is the tension of deciding whether or not to roll again. Especially when you get close to the top of the column. Do you keep rolling to try to capture the number or do you take the lower risk of waiting until your next turn and keep your progress?