Tsuro & Tsuro of the Seas

These two games are quite simple but lots of fun. You are trying to be the last person standing as you build an intricate maze of lines on the board.  In the sequel you are still trying to stay on the board, but now there are sea dragons looking to eat you as well!

On your turn you play one of the tiles from your hand next to the edge of where your pawn is. After that you follow the new lines until their end - hopefully that doesn’t mean the edge of the board because in that case you have eliminated yourself! The game starts getting pretty crazy when other players are bordering the same space because then when they play a tile you have to follow the path that they laid down for your pawn as well. This is generally how you get knocked out of the game as you aren’t likely to kill yourself unless you have no other option with the tiles in your hand.

In the sequel, Tsuro of the Seas, the game plays essentially the same. The board is slightly larger and now there are a number of sea dragons on the board based on the number of players. Before your turn you roll dice to see if the dragons move - they move on the most common rolls so they will be moving quite often. If they move in front of your space on your turn or onto your space than the dragon has ended your chance at winning the game. Tsuro of the Seas can take longer than the original game because tiles are being removed as you go. Eliminated players still get to participate however as they still roll for dragon movement when they would normally have a turn. Which means near the end the dragons will likely move far more often than the remaining players.

Both of these games are good simple fun that plays in 10 - 20 minutes with lots of replay value. We would probably recommend starting with the original but if you like it the sequel is the same fun with a little bit more flavor.