10 Days in the USA

Lots of games try to be educational, but many wind up not being fun. 10 Days in the USA, however, is lots of fun while also teaching geography. This edition covers the 50 states, but there are a few different editions that also cover different areas of the world!

The objective of the game is to arrange your 10 cards into a reasonable path for your best road trip! To create a valid path each of the cards next to each other have to be neighboring states. Thankfully for people who haven’t had to look at a US map lately, the game does come with a board that has a map of the United States on it. There are also special cards that make it a little bit easier to make a successful arrangement cards.

One of those cards is a car, these let you skip over a state but the states on either side of the card need to be at most one state away. And obviously since Hawaii and Alaska are included there are plane cards as well! They have restrictions on when they can be played as well only flying to and from certain states. But because we in Alaska (and Hawaii) are so special all of the airplane cards work for our states!

On each turn you can either draw a card from the deck or the top card of any of the three discard piles. After you change one of those out for a card in your hand, you put your discard on one of the three piles. Instead of drawing with a card you can also swap two cards in your display to make them be better arranged.

Simple enough for all ages this game is a great family activity to see who can plan a great trip across the United States first. It does all this while also teaching some geography on the periphery.