Interesting decisions to be made in this tile laying game where you are almost always forced to help your opponents in order to score points. But which one to help in your quest to have the most points in gems at the end of the game.


The goal of the game is to get gems off the board through various exits that form around the outside edges. You do this by playing tiles from your hand anywhere on the board. If your tile play is next to a gem then it will follow the paths on the tile going to the new end of the path. When a gem reaches the end of the board then two different players will score that gem. Each exit off of the board is labeled with two colors one for each player that scores for that exit.

During the game you will find yourself trying to use your tiles to make sure that the gems get to the exits that get you points so the gems are twisting around the board on their way to their goals. You aren’t allowed to use tiles to remove all possibility of the gems going to specific exits. But if you are experienced with the game you can make it almost impossible!

The game can wind up getting a bit cutthroat as you guide the gems across the board. Also when you have to choose which of the people you help when you score points! The game is pretty quick with lots of choices to make. If you enjoy some of the other path making games similar to Tsuro then this be the next one you want to try!