Hive Mind

Do you think in ways similar to your friends? You can find out in a the fun party game, Hive Mind.

In Hive Mind every player but one wins the game - the loser is the one whose answers are the least similar to the hive. Each round players answer a question choosing what they think the other players answers will be.  The importance is more on getting the same answer as others and less on being inventive or correct with your answer.

Some of questions are a list of your favorite things, like favorite ice cream or cake. Others want the player to fill in the blank in a sentence similar to mad libs. And lastly some want you to answer based on the players, like which person at the table would be most likely to do karaoke. You get a point for every person who wrote down the answers you selected (including yourself) and then the group moves on to scoring.

 Every round the person(s) with the lowest score will fall further out of the hive making it more and more likely that they will lose. Although sometimes the person who gets the most points will actually move back into the hive giving players an opportunity to gain back some lost ground!

 Hive Mind is great fun and it is always fun to see what answers people come up with. Most rounds people will give an answer that in retrospect was a terrific answer and the response will be “Oh, good answer - but I didn’t write it down” which makes everyone laugh at their inability to think of such a great answer.

 There are hundreds of questions and it plays a huge amount of people. If you are looking for a game that is easy to get into, causes lots of laughs, and will let everyone at your party play then maybe give Hive Mind a try!