13 Clues

Deductive games are one of our favorite styles. Something about the puzzle of trying to find hidden information is very enjoyable. 13 Clues is a newer deduction game where you are trying to solve a murder assigned by Scotland Yard.  The name of the game comes from the number of cards with possible clues players use to solve their mystery.  

Each player has 3 cards that are in front of them facing away so that they can’t see what they are. Among those three cards is a weapon, a place, and a person. Each of the types of cards has attributes you can use to determine which of the cards are part of your case. Locations can be inside or outside, weapons can be ranged or melee, individuals can be male or female, and all of the cards have a color as well.

 On your turn you can spend clues to ask people questions, look at face down cards in the center, or attempt to solve your case. When you ask questions you can ask a broad question like how many people do they see or something more specific like how many ranged weapons do you see. One of the tricks of this game is that all of the players have two pieces of evidence that only they can see hidden behind their player screens. So if they say they can see a ranged weapon it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is part of your case - it could be hidden behind their screen!

 Like most games you have to get all three aspects right to win the game and you don’t get to find out what you got wrong if you failed to guess correctly. You do get to continue playing however which is a nice difference from other deduction games! Also every question asked tends to help you in your search as there are no secret answers.

 13 Clues removes many of the problems that some other deduction games have. It lets everyone play until someone is the victor and it lets everyone get information from all of the questions asked. If you want to try to solve a puzzle before your friends can solve theirs then give this game a try.