Burgle Bros

There is nothing like a good heist movie. Now you can experience a good heist board game! You will work together with other players to rob three safes on three different levels before escaping to a helicopter on the roof. Players will face lots of different security challenges in their effort to pull off the heist.

The main foil for the burglars is the security guards on each of floor. At the end of a player's turn the guards move to a predetermined destination. Each time a guard passes through a space with a player’s standee, they lose one of their stealth tokens. If one of the players has to lose a token and doesn’t have anymore, they get caught and turn in all of their friends ending the game with failure.

Not only do the players have to avoid the guards but there are lots of security measures in the building as well. Various different types of alarms (motion, thermal, visual, keypads) will cause the guards to increase speed and change destination. However, confusing the guards can work in your favor and there are also lots of bonuses in the building as well.  Some rooms have tools for players to use and other rooms have computers to hack alarms.  

The players might think once they managed to crack the safe (which isn’t easy) that they would be set for success. But the various pieces of loot have negatives that make them difficult to carry with you. Some are heavy and make you move slower and some are ostentatious and make you more visible to the guards!


While this makes the game seem absurdly difficult,  Burgle Bros is quite approachable and winnable. It combines randomness in ways that don’t overcome the game with swinginess. The programmed movement for the guards is clever and predictable in a way that allows for the players to plan. Each player also has a special ability that makes it so each player has a role to fill while trying to rob the building!