Wombat Rescue

You know we here at Platypus Gaming have a soft soft for animals that are unique.  Especially the unique animals living in Australia.   While the platypus is number one in our hearts, a close second is the wombat.  Fun trivia fact, this short and stocky creature poops cubes, and uses these cubes to navigate between their burrows and food sources.  

Why all of this poop talk?  Well the main mechanic of Wombat Rescue is using the poop of your wombat mom, to venture far away from your burrow to find your wombat babies, all before they are eaten by devious dingoes!

After your group of two to four players stop acting like grade schoolers regarding the poop mechanic, the game play is simple.  Players build up food resources, eat the resources, and then poop out cubes used to navigate the territory.  Too much poop and you won’t reach your babies, too little poop and you will become lost in the outback, unable to find your babies.  Players navigate back and forth from their burrow bringing each joey home.  The player who saves all four wombat joeys is the winner.  But really, we’re all winners playing this game.  

This is a great game enjoyed by everyone.  The game play is quickly learned and simple to do with some strategy.  The art is cute, and the theme is great.  Plus, you learn some great trivia for the next time you need to impress your friends about animal kingdom poop habits.