On the surface, first person shooter video games would not be the logical choice for a board game setup.  However, Adrenaline does a good job of making you feel like you are sitting on your couch shooting your friends with special weapons and powerups.    

Each of the weapons deals damage in different ways. Some can shoot through walls while some you need to be in the same square as your opponent. In lots of board games if you die you are eliminated from the game which can be pretty unfun for that player. This game there is almost no penalty for dying - you just draw a card to find out where you respawn and the game continues!

Scoring for the game is similar to how some area control games are scored. If you have done the most damage to a target when they die then you get the most points with each other player damaging them taking a little bit less. Although you also get bonus points if you are the first one to shoot someone. Once someone is damaged you want to kill them quick; they get more powerful as they take damage!

Another problem the genre could suffer from is everyone just shooting the same person over and over again. The designers of Adrenaline have taken that into account with a great design choice. The more times a player dies, the less points they are worth, thus making the player who has never died a high point target.

If you enjoy running around a arena shooting your friends with fun weapons you should give Adrenaline a try!